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North Geelong Secondary College

North Geelong Secondary College is a, co-educational Year 7-12 campus located in the northern suburbs of the City of Greater Geelong.

The College provides high quality education in a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment that enables all students to do their personal best. Students develop knowledge, skills, capabilities and personal characteristics that provide the foundation to optimise opportunities in academic, vocational, personal, physical and social aspects of their lives.

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130 Separation Street
North Geelong VIC 3215


We value the cultural diversity of our student population and believe that all students, regardless of their abilities, needs and backgrounds, should be actively supported in achieving their personal best. The college promotes the values of Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity and it upholds the belief that every student can succeed. A positive and responsible approach towards education fosters exemplary life at North Geelong Secondary College.

 A highly disciplined and collaborative work ethic among staff, students and the wider community, supports each student’s quest for academic success and solid career pathways.

A structured orientation program, including additional after school tutorials in English, assists our international students to adapt to their new educational environment and life in Australia.

Our Director of the International Students Program closely monitors the academic progress and welfare of the International Students and maintains regular contact with parents and guardians.

International students at North Geelong Secondary College have access to:

  • A comprehensive orientation program
  • On site English Language Centre
  • Personal assistance and support from the International Student Program Team
  • Course and career assistance
  • Broad multicultural experience amongst staff and students
  • Excellent location close proximity to public transport to Geelong City and North Geelong train stations
  • Modern and state of the art facilities with access for all students e.g. computers, library, arts and sports. These facilities are open before, during and after school
  • Organised After School Literacy Program (for International Student only) and additional tutoring in various subjects if required
  • Ongoing wellbeing support within the College
  • International Students are able to participate in various extra-curricular activities such as the debating teams
  • Private use of a kitchenette facility for all International Students
  • Homestay families are available for International Students and are interviewed to the high expectations of NGSC.

Student Stories

  • Star Wang

    North Geelong Secondary College

    Studying abroad is a very interesting thing. Fortunately, my father has an opportunity to be a visitor of Deakin University, which is in Geelong this summer holiday. Because of this, I am able to go to Australia to study for nearly a team.

    I first heard and came to Geelong last summer holiday, but I haven’t study there. This time, I go to North Geelong Secondary College for study. Before I came there, I only knew Geelong is a city in Australia which has a very good location. It is in a gulf on the South Coast of the country, and it’s also in the Victoria state that is called the Garden state and the Education state. But now I know the people there are more hospitable, the drivers there are more polite, the equipment there is more useful, and the air there is much fresher and clearer.

    Studying in Geelong is very easy if you do very well in English. Because of this, the most important thing about study here is to understand the teacher’s words and expressions of language. Now I’m looking forward to speaking English fluently. If you are a new international student who will study in NGSC and want to get some recommendations from me, I can only tell you that don’t expect that you can understand every word of teachers, learn steadily step by step, and pay more attention to English.

    When I go back to China and study in my school, I’ll tell my classmates about study in Australia. I’ll suggest them to study in Geelong just because it has perfect location, friendly residents, amazing environment, kind teachers, and excellent schools.

    Star Wang

    Studying abroad is a very interesting thing. Fortunately, my father has an opportunity to be a visitor of Deakin University, which is in Geelong this summer holiday. Because of this, I am able to go to...


    North Geelong Secondary College

    As far as we know, Australia is a multicultural and multinational country in the world. The Australian education is pretty distinguished and it has too many advantages so that it can attract more and more people to come to study the knowledge they like. As an international student from China, I will narrate my many interesting experiences and my feelings for Australia.

    So why didn't I choose the other cities in Australia but I selected Geelong? When I lived in China, the pressure of every senior high school students is very heavy. To finish my homework, I had to go to school at 6:50am and go to sleep at about 1:00 in night. So I produced an original thought-go abroad to explore a new life which is both relaxing and I can learn some utile knowledge. In my opinions, I checked some cities and towns in Australia and learnt about the information of cities. Among the cities, when I saw the beautiful sceneries and colourful cultures, I fell love in the interesting town, Geelong. I was absorbed deeply by the environment and the enthusiasm of the people. A new journey for me has extended!

     With curiosity and excitement, I got off the airplane and observed everything surrounding me. What a beautiful city! What a great way! With the tender sunshine, I saw the wonderful view in my sight. Cool and refreshing sea wind fanned my face, the feeling was like in the fairyland. The wide blue sea was like a big piece of mirror even can see all kinds of fishes were swimming.

     Geelong-a glamorous place. It takes too much invaluable memory to me. I am studying in North Geelong Secondary College and I can choose more types of classes which I am interested in. I have made friends with many people including the teachers here. They are always very amiable and if I feel bored and helpless I always make a conversation with them to release my pressure. I still remembered that when I came to GEELONG initially, I even couldn't speak with the other people mainly because my English was too weak and I didn't want to talk something. When it was difficult to deal with the  problems, there were too many people to encourage me to inspire my confidence and talk more with the others. I felt the care and warmth from my friends and determined to practice my English.

     Now, doing some sports with my friends is my favourite, meanwhile, practising my English is still the most important assignment. Talking some difficult problems with other people, watching some interesting English movies can help me how to utilize and comprehend the grammar and the vocabulary. I always listened to the customs, life as well as history of Geelong. I love the sea scenery of Geelong and almost not any contamination. With the warm sunshine and blue sky, that is a great picture!

    Geelong is a very wonderful town! The location is very special because it is near many interesting places and when I have time,I can go to play with my friends and family. The simple and honest folkways are the other special traits. On the other hand, it is very near to Melbourne-the cultural centre of Australia. But Geelong has the unique quiet and it makes people very comfortable rather than the noisy of Melbourne. In Geelong, I can't find any trouble in everyday life, only relax and happiness.

    I love Geelong! It is my new favourite hometown and I never forget it. Never!



    As far as we know, Australia is a multicultural and multinational country in the world. The Australian education is pretty distinguished and it has too many advantages so that it can attract more and more...

  • BoRui

    North Geelong Secondary College

    Hello,I’m BoRui Deng. I‘m 16 years old and I come from China. Now I’m studying in the North Geelong Secondary College.

    My “Australian parents” are Ali and Sef. Both of them are Iranians. They give me a good care. I also help them as I can. We became a family, not just a landlord and a student. The place which I am living is close to the beach. We have two cats and one silly dog(always brakes my clothes. When I got to the house, I was surprised the house was so nice. I ‘m very lucky to live with them.

    BoRui Deng

    Some people asked me why I chose Australia, Geelong and NGSC. Australia has a beautiful and unique nature and it also has a safe social environment. People are kind and welcoming. It’s a good country to live and study. When the study abroad agencies asked me which city you want to study, I said Melbourne, because I have been to Australia on 2014 and went to many state capital. I thought Melbourne was the best city to study.When the study abroad agencies gave me the school introductions, located in Melbourne and near cities, I saw the introduction of NGSC. That was the first time that I learnt about Geelong and NGSC. As I researched the information about Geelong, I got to know that Geelong is quiet and peaceful city. Geelong also has many beautiful views likes the beach、forest and high mountains. The left picture is Southern Ocean and the right mountain is called The You Yangs. I have been to there. That is lovely,isn’t it?


      You Yangs





    The main attraction for the North Geelong Secondary School is its teaching resources: good facilities, intelligent teaching methods, excellent teachers and caring for students. When I first came to school ,I faced many difficulties,such as hard to understand what the other people said strange classmates, different teaching style etc. Luckily some students and teachers gave me a hand, especially Mr. Dawson and Mr. O. They are taking a lot of care to me and gave me much help,like my parents. I am very grateful for them,I will never forget.

    Some people ask me if I have any advice to future international students. Yes,I just have two pieces of advice. First, don’t be shy to talk with other people. It’s the best way to practice your English and make new friends. If you have any problem that you can‘t solve, just ask other people. They will be glad to help you. If you don’t say anything,everyone will think you are fine.

    The another one is study hard. Some international students become lazy after they come to Australia,because the school is easy and has more freedom than their country‘s schools. Never be undisciplined,it’s very important. Remember,you come to Australia for study.
    I hope I can meet you in NGSC.


    Hello,I’m BoRui Deng. I‘m 16 years old and I come from China. Now I’m studying in the North Geelong Secondary College.

    My “Australian parents” are Ali and Sef. Both of them are...