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The Best Choice I have made in my Life

By Vy

Thursday, 03 May 2018


Hello everyone, 

My name is Vy, and I am from Vietnam, currently studying Master of Landscape Architecture at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia. The decision I made two years ago to study in Australia is the best choice I have made in my life. I realised that I have really ‘grown up’ since starting my journey at Deakin. I am more active, more responsible, and especially more confident!

When I first came to Australia, everything was new. Thanks to ten weeks studying English at Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI), I started to settle into my life and study pace. Through this time, I realized that getting help from other people to overcome the hard time is valuable. So after finishing at DUELI, I decided to become a DUELI Leader and assist other new international students who may need help like I did. As a DUELI Leader, I have learned new skills and gained a strong connection with many friends from different cultural backgrounds. My responsibility for work, time arrangement and presentation skills have improved daily.

A DUELI trip with students to Great Ocean Road

A professional training session for DUELI Leaders 

Being a Deakin student, I am lucky to access study advice around timetable arrangements, course advice, free rental advice and free health checks from helpful staff at the Waterfront campus. The best part of my study life is what I have achieved through the Masters degree. It helps me think critically and is a step into the research world. My tutors and supervisors are very friendly and supportive. They have high expectations which motivates me to work hard. Self study is also a valuable skill that I have gained from my Deakin studies, helping me to discover my strength and achieve great results.

Presentation of my final Master Class project

My Master class in an exhibition at Federation Square

Specifically, in 2016, I received a Prize from the City of Greater Geelong for a design competition for green roof landscape in Geelong. In 2017, thanks to dedicated supervisors who always encouraged my work, my Master class project had a fantastic result and was exhibited at Federation Square in Melbourne. It was not only a prize that motivates students but also a great opportunity to access the workplace. I was also very pleased to be a candidate of Robin Edward Award scholarship in 2018 with 22 other students in Australia. It was a great opportunity for myself to explore the landscape world outside the university environment. I am very happy with the Deakin study environment.

Geelong is a perfect place to live because it is peaceful with a gorgeous waterfront which is very serene. How can I not fall in love with this scene? Each season this spot gives a different experience because of the leaves’ colour and weather ambience.

Deakin Waterfront campus during autumn

Another great thing about living in Geelong is the friendly local people. My lovely neighbours love gardening and sometimes give me lime leaves for cooking. They are always friendly and ask about my life and my studies which prevents homesickness.
I spend time to look after myself by being a member of the Geelong yoga community. During stressful study times, deep inhaling and yoga time helps me calm my mind and keeps me fit.

When I have a break during trimester, there are plenty of places to explore. I usually walk around Geelong and Melbourne to observe people’s life. When having more time, I have travelled within Australia. I had a chance to visit Sydney last year during trimester break. I know that the youth just happens once, so I try to exploit all my time here to learn new things and stay positive and active.

On top of You Yang mountain which is located just 20 minutes driving from Geelong

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Surfing the first time in Torquay

I will never regret choosing Australia as a place to study and live. I believe that the experience and knowledge that I have gained from this period of time will be a strong foundation for my future.