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Education Providers

Geelong is fortunate to have so many quality educational institutions that are registered with the Government to offer courses to international students. Whatever stage you are on your educational journey there are many options to choose from.



    (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)

    Providing English language classes to prepare students for further study, Elicos courses can be completed at any age and study stage but are usually the first step to studying in Australia.

  • Private Higher Education College

    Private Higher Education College

    Providing higher education for post-secondary students, qualifications range from certificates to bachelor degrees. Marcus Oldham College graduates commence careers in agriculture or para-professional roles. Deakin College students pathway into the second year of Deakin bachelor degrees.

  • Secondary School

    Secondary School

    Catering for students from Year 7 to Year 12, upon successful completion students will have achieved either the: Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or International Baccalaureate (IB).

  • TAFE


    Providing vocational training that focuses on hands-on learning, qualifications offered include certificates, through to advanced diplomas, as well as apprenticeships and traineeships. Graduate students commence careers in trades or para-professional roles, or pathway to university.

  • University


    Providing higher education for post-secondary students, qualifications range from bachelor degrees to post graduate doctoral degrees. Graduates are highly skilled to work in a diverse range of academic, professional and research roles.

Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian education system is a national policy that covers qualifications from the tertiary education sector (higher education and vocational education and training) in addition to the school-leaving certificate; the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. This is known as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

The AQF has 10 levels and links school, vocational and university education qualifications into one national system. This allows you to move easily from one level of study to the next, and from one institution to another, as long as you satisfy student visa requirements. It allows for choice and flexibility in career planning. All qualifications in the AQF help prepare you for both further study and your working life.

Our institutions are linked across the country and across the world, which makes it easy to move throughout the education system between courses or institutions and formal agreement and recognition frameworks mean every step of the path will contribute to your future no matter what your study or career goals.


Multiple study pathways and exit points exist between secondary school, TAFE and university. Each stage of study brings its own qualification and can be the completion of your studies, or it can provide a pathway onto the next stage.

Your current year and skill level will determine what course level or institution you are eligible to apply for. Where you finish will depend on the career outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.


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    Student Resources

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  • Study Geelong  Ambassador Program

    Study Geelong Ambassador Program

    The Study Geelong  Ambassador Program provides higher education students (domestic and international) and recent graduates, with adventures and professional development to promote Geelong as a study destination and strengthen relationships between international students and the broader Geelong community.

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Student Stories

  • Apinya

    Deakin English Language Institute (DUELI)

    Hear from former DUELI student Apinya how studying English in Geelong helped her realise undertaking her PhD.


    Hear from former DUELI student Apinya how studying English in Geelong helped her realise undertaking her PhD.

  • Javid

    Deakin University

    I am Javid, an Afghan refugee, currently studying a Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry at Deakin University. I was born and raised in a refugee camp in Iran. From there, my parents and I fled persecution, and we sought asylum in Australia. Australia is a great multicultural society and you don’t feel isolated. With only basic literacy and numeracy skills, and no English, I enrolled at a secondary school and managed to access around three years of formal education, before getting the scores I needed to get into university. My dream was always to become a medical doctor.

    I got to know about Deakin from an information session I attended towards the end of my VCE year (2016). Deakin course advisors and the Scholarship team were the guest speakers at the information session. I consider myself fortunate to have attended the session. I was surprised to learn that Deakin University is committed to giving exceptional experiences to students from all around the world.

    Paying International student fees for a tertiary course that I wanted to undertake was out of reach for my family. I had little or no hope of being able to pay these fees and so there was a time that I thought I would not be able to go to university.

    The Deakin Scholarship team told me that there are many scholarship offers for not only Australian students but even for Internationals. They advised me to apply for a Deakin Humanitarian Scholarship, and I did. During the application process, I was assisted by the Deakin International Admissions team, the process was quick and easy.

    Once I was accepted into the Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry, and offered a scholarship, I was immensely proud and excited, but also worried as I didn’t have a network of friends or family who lived in the near the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus (where the course was located). I needn’t have been so concerned. As it turns out, I was offered a lot of support, and everything was very positive for me. On my first day at University, my course advisor greeted me with the following: “Welcome to your university, where you will spend your next best years of your life, here at Deakin”. It made my day!

    During orientation week (O-Week) I met many other international students. It was great feeling connected to others who had a similar journey. To add to this, the Peer Mentor program, which enabled me to receive one-one mentorship was invaluable.

    My peer mentor made my settlement in university life quick and smooth. He informed me about the bigger picture of university life and helped me to manage study and enjoy my time as a university student. Deakin’s student societies are another great community to be part of it. I got a chance to meet like-minded students from all four corners of the world, get motivated, and set goals for future successes.

    Now, as a Deakin student and recipient of the Deakin Humanitarian Scholarship, I feel so proud knowing my study capabilities and goals are catered to by one of the finest Universities in Australia and the world. I was amazed once I realised that Deakin is one of the top ranked Universities in the world. With less than 50 years of establishment, Deakin offers Medicine, Engineering, and as many as 400 additional courses.

    As an Optometry student and only halfway through trimester one, I see myself one step closer to my dream of becoming a medical doctor and an Ophthalmic surgeon. My goals are to work and design more affordable intraocular lenses for the disadvantaged people, Indigenous Australians, and for people in developing countries.

    Coming from a war-torn country, where the health system is crippled, I am working hard to become a medical doctor in the future. Ultimately I hope to work with an organisation such as Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF), giving hope to people at risk of blindness and assisting them to access affordable cataract and trachoma treatments. I also want to develop bionic eyes for young children, helping those unfortunate children who have lost vision as the result of land mines and suicide bombs.

    I am grateful that my circumstances have not prevented me from studying in my chosen field. I hope that with the assistance of Deakin University and my own determination and hard work, my dream of becoming an Opthalmic Surgeon will become reality.


    I am Javid, an Afghan refugee, currently studying a Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry at Deakin University. I was born and raised in a refugee camp in Iran. From there, my parents and I fled...

  • Shingi

    Marcus Oldham College


    I decided to study Agribusiness in Australia as a pathway to expand my agricultural production knowledge and build on experience I gained back home in Zimbabwe. Studying agribusiness abroad would be the best way to learn global agriculture dynamics and transfer the knowledge back home.  

    I am happy to be studying alongside budding, ambitious and like-minded Australians who are passionate and tuned into agriculture. The mixture of farming backgrounds at the college has added value and quality to the educational experience. The course delivery is from an in-depth industry perspective which makes the course relevant to the outside world. The flexibility of the course structure, delivery and access to facilities has allowed me to study and still nurture my small family. The study tours of China, Hong Kong and New Zealand capped off the whole study experience.

    Marcus Oldham is a small community with significant outside influence. The great sense of community, comradery and heritage made it easy to settle in, network and be part of. Meeting students who came from all across Australia has been a natural introduction to the diversity of the country. Marcus Oldham has brought out my ability to adjust to new environments and social settings and to find a niche role within any group. The best way to enjoy the Australian culture is to get involved and have a go. In amongst the multicultural array of the country, I have experienced the complexity of many regions through travelling, the rich natural landscape, the great outdoors and the sporting culture of Australia.

    With a year to complete the Bachelor of Agribusiness, I hope the refined business skills will propel my career further. Currently, I am the Assistant Mushroom Grower at Parwan Valley Mushrooms, Victoria.

    Studying abroad gives a different perspective on past experiences and natural knowledge. The moment you step out from your doorstep you open yourself up to the world. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to see a different way of doing things and create memories for life. There is a lot to learn and remember you also have just as much to offer.




    I decided to study Agribusiness in Australia as a pathway to expand my agricultural production knowledge and build on experience I gained back home in Zimbabwe. Studying agribusiness abroad...

  • Kim

    Deakin University

    Five years ago I could never have guessed or hoped to be where I am today: here, in Australia, studying for a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy – Environmental Science) within a prestigious and flourishing research group. I began my journey to Deakin University by undertaking a master’s degree by research at the University of Central Lancashire, where I developed a passion for analytical chemistry. I loved that I could begin to understand and explore the world around me using techniques that were at my disposal. A few months into my master’s degree, I received an email from my supervisor asking me if I had any interest in moving abroad for a PhD. I almost dismissed the email, surely I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get on any PhD, let alone move abroad!

    A short few weeks later, I had a meeting with Dr Xavier Conlan from Deakin, who had stopped by for a fleeting visit after a conference in Europe. Xavier recommended applying for a PhD at Deakin with Professor Stephen Haswell, who had a PhD opportunity developing Lab-on-a-Chip devices within the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures. A day after having a successful viva examination for my master’s degree, I had the interview for my PhD. Little did I know, less than three months later, I’d be making the move to Australia.

    The day I found out I had been awarded the scholarship and accepted onto the PhD, I felt every single emotion you could imagine. Panic at the thought of taking on this huge new venture alone, excitement and anticipation to see what the future held, and finally sadness at leaving behind friends and family.

    I arrived, totally out of my depth, studying an area of research I had no experience in. My PhD project involves the development of a Lab-on-a-Chip device – basically a miniaturised diagnostic device – for the detection of performance enhancing drugs in thoroughbred race horses, which requires different aspects of engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and physics. I relish the challenge of building these devices and see a bright future for Deakin University with the miniaturisation of complex diagnostic techniques into these portable devices.

    On the 22 February 2015, I boarded the plane and made the move Down Under. The sayings took a little adapting to… apparently responding to everyone with, ‘Oh, very well thank you and yourself?’ is not exactly what is required when asked, ‘How ya going?’. Everything here was new and exciting: waterfalls, the Great Ocean Road, wineries, forests, trying to figure out what a snag was (not a thread on your jumper apparently!), etc.

    When I arrived at Deakin, I truly felt at home. I was welcomed not just by a support network as a student, but as a friend into a tight knit community with open arms. I haven’t looked back since.


    Five years ago I could never have guessed or hoped to be where I am today: here, in Australia, studying for a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy – Environmental Science) within a prestigious and flourishing...