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What do do over Summer in the Geelong Region

By Tash

Thursday, 01 November 2018

I’ve gotta say, I’m very excited to have finished all my studies for this year – it’s a great feeling to relax after a long year of hard work and stressful assignments! While this is a great feeling after finishing University (or school) for a few months, after a little bit of time you might start to get a little bored… maybe you have hours and hours of leisure time to yourself? Maybe you work full time to save some money for the next year, and have weekends to chill?

Whatever your situation, Geelong is a great place to be spending your summer break, and here are a few activities that I really enjoy partaking in around Geelong during the hotter months, and I hope you’ll find them interesting too!


NightJar Festival

One of my favourite festivals to attend in Geelong (and Torquay) – and the best part is – it’s on every week!! On Thursdays in January (Torquay) and Fridays in February (Geelong), the festival includes live music, arts, food and a large market for you to explore. Every week has a different line up, and it’s a great opportunity to hang out with some friends (or maybe a date!) and look at all the wonder this region has to offer. I would recommend the trip out to Torquay, it’s slightly bigger and has a beautiful atmosphere!


 (photo source: NightJar Instagram)


Adventure Park

This one’s great if it is a hot day (not too hot though, it’ll be packed!!) and you want to let out your inner kid. A water park, Adventure Park provides hours and hours of fun through slides, rides, rapids and even minigolf! If you’re a bit more tame (like me), you’ll love floating down the lazy river, or chilling by the pools and soaking up the sunlight. It’s another great day to spend with your friends, and to get a bit of adrenaline pumping! (Definitely pack sunscreen and hats – it can get very hot!)



Erskine Falls/Lorne

If you’re up for a little drive down the Great Ocean Road, the beautiful Erskine Falls is a sight not to be missed! About 60min from Geelong, the falls are set in a lush rainforest, featuring a 30 metre drop down into a little lagoon. There are 2 viewing platforms, the second being a little strenuous (down approximately 200 flights of stairs you’ll need to climb again), but you get a spectacular view of the falls from below, even when it’s the summer season!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, and the falls aren’t running too high, you can actually walk along the falls down to the head of the Erskine River in Lorne – it is a long trek (about 3 hours) but worth the views! After exploring, the main streets of Lorne have some beautiful café’s and restaurants to have a bite to eat.

51. WaterfallsD Lorne 04


Airey’s Inlet

If you’re looking to go to a beach, but want something a little bit more quiet than Torquay or Ocean Grove, the Airey’s Inlet/Fairhaven area is your best bet! A small town a stop before Lorne along the Great Ocean Road, Airey’s Inlet has some fantastic cafes, shops and beautiful markets over the weekend with local produce and handmade items. I would recommend travelling up to see the Split Point lighthouse (where cult classic TV show ‘Round the Twist’ was filmed!) and stopping in at the little café for some scones – couldn’t think of a more picturesque spot! The Fairhaven beach is a 10min walk along the sand from the Lighthouse – and is beautiful to swim in– but be careful – the currents can be pretty strong so make sure you swim between the flags and only when a lifeguard is on duty!


71. Split Point Lighthouse visionsofvictoria1223797 302

These are a few of my favourite activities to do around Geelong in summer – I hope you will enjoy them as well!